Bicycle painting

You want to repaint your bicycle, but you don’t know what to start with? You can freely contact us with this. We offer powder lacquering of bicycles and help with everything what is related to it. All you need to do is to hand over the bicycle or the frame to us, choose the colour from the template, and we will take care of the rest.


The bike for repainting can get to us in whole. We will look after its proper preparation and after picking it up from the paint shop, we will put it back together. The cost of this operation, of disassembling the bike, preparing the frame for lacquering, of putting it back together afterwards, and giving out as a ready to ride bike, is 200 zl.

If you want to prepare the frame for lacquering in-house, and assemble the bike thereafter – that’s not a problem. Here is a few hints which will enable you to figure out how to prepare the frame for painting.

First of all, the frame must be totally free of all installed parts in it. No cables or outer cables. All grommets, grips and plastic pressed parts have to be removed, because a powder paint is being burnt-in at high temperature, and they will be destroyed (if they are to survive sanding). And the metal screw-in elements, if they are left for lacquering, they will be sealed with paint and their later unscrewing will be made very difficult. Therefore, we unscrew from the frame everything. It also relates to a fork, from which we absolutely need to remove a steering headset. If we care about protecting small threads, in assembly holes (of a rear rack for example or the slots of shifters), the good idea is to leave in them the screws meant as a waste. It is important that it’s possible to grasp them with a key, so we do not leave the screws cut, for example for a flat screwdriver.

We offer painting in the colours from the RAL template. If you know the number of the colour from this pallette, there should be no problem, but we ask for contact (mail, call) in order to check the availability of the colour. Apart from standard colours there is also a possibility of finishing off the frame with a colourless lacquer, and also of using additives – for example pearly.

Painting of a steel frame and a fork it is a cost of minimum 150 zl. In the price there is sanding of the prepared frame and of the fork, and putting a standard lacquer from the RAL palette. Lacuering of additional elements like mudguards, rear rack or chain guard is to be paid extra.

The time of carrying out the service depends on a few factors. Among others, on whether the bicycle got to us in whole or not, and what dates they have in the paint shop. Usually from leaving the bike with us to taking it ready back, the business lasts for about 10 working days. We strive to speed up the realization of an order, but sometimes it also happens that things prolong slightly. Therefore, before painting the bike in the season (March-October), it’s better to assume that the matter is not to be done off-hand.