Bike & Fashion

On the 12th of May in a Warsaw club 1500m2 took place the first edition of the bicycle fair Bike & Fashion. With pleasure we took up an invitation and appeared strong team (Miłosz, Magda, Marcin and Patryk). We brought with us MBM bicycles, Sturmey Archer components and a worksite for testing the resistance of bicycle locks. And besides we tried to transfer a bit out of the atmosphere of our shop. At the site there were Magda’s photos showing how it looks like normally, was also some shop equipment.

The most popular among the visitors of our stall were Italian bikes MBM and services related to bicycles painting. Many people were interested in this new brand in our shop and in the following days visited our place in order to see our whole offer, test the bikes and to buy them. Thank you! We were also giving advice and information about painting, were presenting potential of a befriended paint shop and technical details of a whole operation.