Genuine Milou


Like any self-respecting workplace we have our specialties. For a good couple of years, a few things we’ve learnt to do very soundly, and we are not ashamed to boast of them.

Milou’s boss recommends especially:

Welding. We do repairs in this technology, reanimating for example unavailable components or the ones having high sentimental value. At our disposal we have a welder enabling us the repairs and adaptations of the parts made of alloy steel. With our device we are able to repair in  no time mudguards and rear racks, their fastenings, to patch up damaged frames, handlebars, bearers, and other elements. The exemplary cost of the repair of rear rack’s rods in Dutch bike it’s 20-30 zl. In the face of lack of possibilities to purchase additional mudguards from before let’s say 40 years, this is the cost to consider.

We specialize in the conservation and repair of multi-speed hubs. More widely we write about them on the separate page. Here we only signalize that we keep servicing the models of the companies Sturmey Archer, Sachs, Shimano and others, both, being produced nowadays and those of the earlier date.

Assembling custom bicycles is our favourite job in the service. We are very pleased when here right with us someone’s dreams about a bike are being materialized. The small dreams, and those big ones. Our all imagination, knowledge and skills are at your disposal. We help toselect an appropriate frame, accessories and style so that the bike is exactly what you want. The only limitation is that we do not build frames. Not yet :) Apart from this, no limitations.

We run an authorized service of Marzocchi suspension. We have a long-standing servicing experience backed up by many seasons of starts in MTB races. We have a professional press enabling the exchange of the steering pipes in shock absorbers, and access to original replacement parts of Marzocchi.

We feel very strong also at lacing bicycle wheels. Almost everyone in the company can, in half an hour, build any wheel – light, strong, to collapsible bike, hollander, or trolley. We are servicing wheels to competitors, highway cyclers, for jumping, for rugby on wheelchairs, for ricksha, tricycle, scooter and of course of an ordinary city bike also, what many times happened to be a
challenge of the highest order.