Lates news from Wiktorska

On Wiktorska spring is in its full, and in the shop the peak of a bicycle season. Many of you decided to buy a new bike, of which we are very glad. Our contractors with difficulty keep up with deliveries :) We are constantly expanding range of new bicycles – we have for now over 120 models. Plus, the used bikes are still coming along. bzybzyThese are mostly left in settlement or on commission the bikes of our clients. It suits us very much, because it fits in with our approach to “the circulation of bicycles in nature”. On the other hand we have certainty to legality of the origins of the bikes which we sell. What’s more – those are often the ones serviced in our place so we can assess their condition well.

We took part in the first edition of the bicycle fair Bike&Fashion. We think that it was a successful event. We met with many companies from the industry, established fruitful, we hope, contacts. And we let new clients, who after the fair came to us to see how the shop looks like and to buy a bike, get to know us. We are very happy about next event with our participation – 9th of June at Ursynów. The details soon.

The shop is now opened for seven days in a week. We are trying to serve everyone who gets to us. We are working hard to unload the queue of the bikes waiting for service. At the same time we are trying to take advantage of a beautiful spring weather. We are commuting by bikes to work, we are letting ourselves out to the city. We will try to give you an account on it as soon as we catch some free time.