Terms and warranty

Here are a few rules connected to the functioning of our service.

The deadline for a repair we set together at the time of taking in a bike. In the non-standard cases requiring extra decisions and actions, like for example at bringing unavailable at the time parts, we agree on the form and the time of a consultation and additional contact. Everyone who leaves their goods with us, gets a written or electronic confirmation of an order (email).


We strive to be on time and ask you for the same. In the season we have here loads of bicycles, and the space for their storage doesn’t get bigger. We encourage you to collect your bicycles at a fixed time. We understand force majeure reasons and that the bike is not always a priority case. Without any consequences or problems we wait for the collection of a vehicle for a week from the date of a repair. If you cannot come in person, you can always indicate a person who will arrive to collect the bike on your behalf. After a week and lack of any information, we charge a parking fee of 2 zl per day.

The preparation of a bike: the bike brought to the service should be clean enough for a repair to be possible to be carried out. Cleaning a bike (excluding a general checkup) is a separate service because of the time-consuming character of this activity. Please take this into consideration.

We ask that you leave the bicycles with us, if possible, without pannier bags, seats, U-locks, and other easily removable accessories.

The guarantee of a repair: we are very particular about that, so that all the jobs being performed in our service comply with your expectations. We are open to all comments.

Handing back the bike, we give 24 hours for accepting the carried out jobs. If doubts or objections occur, we are at your disposal in a priority mode and try to sort out the case at once. If during the first 24 hours after collecting the bike, we do not receive any signals of eventual remarks, it’s tantamount for us to a ‘silent approval’ on the quality of the jobs performed.

We will of course understand the situations in which 24 hours are too short of a time to check out the serviced bicycle. Because of that, we give additional guarantees on some of the jobs performed by us. The time and the scope depend on their type.

Thus: Adjustment (for example: of a brake) – we guarantee carrying out the commissioned adjustment in the right way and its working relevant to the condition of components for a week’s time.

replacement – we guarantee the proper installation and adjustment of being replaced part for a week’s time.

checkups – we guarantee the proper working of the mechanisms being serviced, in the extent relevant to the condition of components, for two weeks’ time.

general checkup – one month from completing the general checkup. The guarantee covers the proper functioning of the mechanisms of the bike.

The guarantee of our service does not cover tyres (unless its damage was a result of an incorrect installation by the service), defects caused by knocks, falls, or other mechanical damages generated outside the service, and the natural wear of materials which happened during the time under guarantee.

Parts being sold together with a maintenance service are covered by the standard guarantee of the manufacturer. Detailed entitlements arising from the guarantee on parts are controlled by corresponding regulations.