We’re using cookies

ciasteczkaNRecently a requirement has appeared to inform people visiting internet websites about the fact of using cookies. We feel obliged to admit that we also use them. Most often they come from the nearby shop “u Roberta”. Something better yet falls like those ones in the picture made by befriended Kudłata. They are very relevant to, don’t you think?

 Exactly, on the subject. Except for the cookies we also use in Milou more and more wood. It has the colour of a cherry. This way was signed a packaging of a colorant, which you could smell a whole winter in here. Wood has also various applications. We use it to show You what best we have in our shop. On the wooden shelves landed our favourite leather bicycle saddles. On the wooden stand we hung wicker baskets. For the awaiting here is a table made by us and the chairs. Marcin took a sit behind the wooden counter and the door to the shop… maybe for now about the door let’s keep silent:)